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very marriage ceremony and yajnopavit ceremony is preceded by a ritual called Divagone. This is to propitiate Surya, Chandra and Brihaspati Devatas to bless the bride or groom to be or the child who is going to adopt the Yoni or the yajnopavit. On this occasion, only the bride is asked to wear various gold omaments including the Dejhore which for Kashmiri women is the symbol of marriage. In other parts of our country, the married ladies are identified by red vermillion in the parting of their hair, Mangalsutra, or the little toe rings. In Kashmir Dejhore is the symbol. It is worn in both the ears and there is an attachment to it which is called the Atahore made of gold or golden or silver thread made into a specific shape. Before the ritual proper, the bride, groom or the child is given a bath with milk, yoghurt, honey and other such things mixed with water, to the accompaniment of the chanting of Veda-mantras.
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